Italy with kidsCiao, my name is Mary, mother of Riccardo and Alberto. I love traveling and I keep doing it even with children. Traveling with them is not only feasible but also fun, challenging and educational. Children don’t have big demands; they should be considered as active participants in both the planning and the implementation of the journey. Which is their main desire if not to play?

It is not essential to include a great amusement park in the itinerary, often the playground around the corner  can be an incredible solution to their desire to play and experiment.

If you visit Italy with kids in tow and you look for a playground (that exists everywhere) you can’t find information about these places anywhere. On this basis I’ve started to collect them in order to provide useful information for who visits Italy with children. Being that I can’t visit all the playground around Italy, my blog reports also what readers and other bloggers tell me about the playgrounds they know or they meet during a travel.

travel with kidsI’ve started receiving playgrounds from all over the world and it’s beautiful to realize how a playground changes depending on its location, on different cultures and traditions and how a simple play area can be very original and incredible.

From Sydney to Copenhagen, from Milan to Barcelona in this blog and through the project’s application you can find information about playgrounds everywhere and, of course, you can enter your own.

Are you ready? Let’s start playing!

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